The culture creates the system…

There’s something I’ve been trying to find a way to say for quite a while now. Mighk Wilson just said it, and very eloquently:

The culture creates the system, not the other way around.  American bikeway advocates are attempting to take a short-cut; trying to build a system that will change the culture.  One need only look at the anti-cyclist stories burning across the Web to see that isn’t working.

The problem isn’t just vitriol. It also is shoddy and hazardous design of facilities. People who try to create the culture by creating the system don’t know how to create the system either. Worse, in the hope of stringing along politicians, they heap praises on bicycle facilities which make shabby design compromises.

Mighk has summed up the problem and given it a larger scope. You may read his entire essay here.

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  1. Elequently condensed, John. But I still suggest readers click over to Mighk’s page.

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