Link to my letter to Senator Scott Brown

My letter to a staffer of Senator Scott Brown about the mandatory sidepath provision in the Federal Tranportation Bill is online. Feel free to re-use it, or parts of it.

3 responses to “Link to my letter to Senator Scott Brown

  1. Inspired by you, I wrote my own letter to John Cornyn which is at:
    You will notice items lifted from your own letter, but significant differences as well. Rights of people truly ARE independent of one’s own political orientation…

    • Excellent. You write from a libertarian perspective, which is right on the mark when liberties are being trampled!

      • This weekend, I’ll write another to Kay Bailey Hutchison – a GOP member of the Senate Bike Caucus. It will differ both from your original inspiration and my effort I sent to Cornyn. Perhaps your readers can find something that appeals to each of them with more different reasons to choose from. One wonders what the authors of the provison, or even the “compromise,” were using for brains.

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