Changes in German traffic law loosen restrictions on cyclists

The German Cycling Federation (ADFC) has posted a page describing changes which remove some restrictions on cyclists. I have prepared a translation of the page.

Please keep in mind that translations do not necessarily reflect my own opinions.

I also have posted translations of other documents about German traffic law and cycling conditions.

The Berlin Police Department study, 1987, with my comments (shows hazards of sidepaths).

ADFC report on a conference in Vienna, 1990

Press release by an ADFC section about sidepath hazards

Bernd Sluka’s survey of German traffic law concerning sidepaths

Bernd Sluka’s survey of sidepath safety

ADFC page about contraflow bicycle travel

A more detailed discussion of contraflow bicycle travel from the ADFC, and my comments

A synopsis of research on contraflow bicycle travel

The ADFC on shared bus-bike lanes

A more detailed discussion on bus-bike lanes from the ADFC, and my comments.

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