Everyone thinks of changing the world…

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, nobody thinks of changing himself.” —

Leo Tolstoy

3 PM yesterday, I was bicycling on a 2-lane street in Wellesley, Massachusetts when a school bus coming the opposite way stopped a few hundred feet ahead of me, its blinkers flashing. A kid got out and ran across the street past the front of the bus. I rode up to him.

“Kid, people are supposed to stop for school buses, but not everyone does.  So look before you cross the next lane. I was a passenger in a car once where the driver didn’t.”

“Thank you.”

Do you see an analogy to the expectations of cyclists for “infra” to prevent them from having collisions?

One response to “Everyone thinks of changing the world…

  1. A kid did that near my house about a half dozen years ago and was hit and killed by of all people, a firefighter. Someone you would think would know better.

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