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Junction in the path at the northern entryway to Boston Scientific, looking north. Sasseville Way is the road in the right background. A spur of the rail trail branches off just behind the fence at the left side of the picture and loops circuitously around the left side of a cul de sac to enter the Boston Scientific site. The continuation of the spur is visible to the left of the Sasseville Way, in the background. Can either bicyclists or pedestrians be expected to go more than halfway around the outside of a circle, when they could cut straight across the nearly traffic-free cul-de sac? The bollards improperly placed in the middle of the lanes (foreground) are hard to notice when coming from the spur, past the corner of the chain link fence -- such fences become opaque at low angles. I almost collided with one of these bollards myself. The need for bollards at this location is questionable, as motor vehicles would have to mount a curb to get onto the path. The main trail goes to the right of the wall in the right background, leading to Fitchburg Street. What purpose is served, again, by the bollards in the right background? Not only would motorists have to mount a curb to reach them, but Sasseville Way parallels the path and leads to the same intersection, beyond the Boston Scientific entrance.
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Photos and captions by John S. Allen