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Mail truck exiting Memorial Drive blocks the path of bicyclists. The traffic signals are green for Massachusetts Avenue , but traffic backs up due to other traffic signals ahead. so there are now six sets of signals within a quarter-mile.

1) at the near side of this intersection;
2) at the far side of this intersection;
3) at Amherst Alley (signal mast visible in left background;
4) at the crosswalk in front of the MIT main lobby;
5) at Vassar Street and
6) at Albany Street.

I have suggested that depressing Massachusetts Avenue in front of the MIT main entrance (like Broadway adjacent to the Harvard campus) would be desirable -- a student is killed at the crosswalk every few of years. Depressing Massachusetts Avenue would be an expensive improvement. On the other hand, loss of student loan repayments, alumni contributions and MIT graduates' contribution to society also is expensive. So are the delays and added air pollution resulting from traffic jams. The improved conditions for pedestrians with the traffic signals and crosswalks worsen the congestion. A congestion charge such as recently implemented by London, England could be desirable.

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