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Photo taken May 2004, light traffic in mid-afternoon near the middle of the Harvard Bridge. The camera looks toward Boston. Some cyclists ride on the roadway, others on the sidewalk. The outside lane of the bridge was repaved a couple of years earlier but is not yet restriped. It was restriped in May, 2006, and then the area to the right of the stripe was designated as a bike lane. Bicyclists accessing the bridge from the Paul Dudley White bicycle path on the Boston side have no choice but to ride on the sidewalk -- and in both directions -- because there is a ramp (behind the more distant cyclist on the sidewalk in this photo) connecting up from the path only to the sidewalk on the downstream side of the bridge. This ramp and its history are described on another page. A look at that page will help you understand the next two photos here. More photos of the bridge after restriping are at the Livable Streets Web site.
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Photos and captions by John S. Allen