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Natick, Route 27
Photo Tour May 8, 2006

Melvin F. Albert wrote, and time-stamped 5/8/2006 4:12 PM:

Route 27 northbound from RR bridge

  1. Parking meters near pizza plus
  2. Sidewalks both sides
  3. Charles St. Sidewalks and intersection --  Fog lines, bike lane? curbing,  width?
  4. sidewalks northbound? Telephone poles in sidewalks, discontinuous walkways
  5. Murphy signage for park
  6. Storm drains, handicapped ramp Bacon St. NE corner
  7. Route 9 sidewalk continuity, crosswalk
  8. Building 19 crosswalk no handicapped ramp. Signage
  9. Rutledge crosswalk west side curb, east side curbing narrows, sidewalk, blocked street sign.
  10. Camp Mary Bunker poison ivy.
  11. Salt damage
  12. Pine street and bridge, narrow sidewalks

Southbound Views

  1. Snake Brook Trail
  2. Salt erosion
  3. Eroded sidewalk from Hammond south
  4. Evergreen south ---sidewalks and curbs
  5. Sidewalks to route 9  and over bridge inconsistent
  6. Route 9 poison ivy'
  7. Fisher street intersection
  8. Kansas street rail trail signs
  9. Lake street signage, rail trail both directions
  10. Non-standard signs

Jill Miller's comments

Heading north on Rte 27 from the railroad bridge to Rte 9 the east side sidewalks are either in poor repair or non-existent with the exception of the area just in front of the stores across from Pizza Plus.  There is no consistency of facilities along this stretch. Parts have sidewalks but no curbstones. Parts have curbstones but no sidewalks. Parts have neither or both. People use this side of the street, at least north of Kansas Street, more than they use the west side of the street. They walk to the 9-27 Shopping Center and prefer not to cross 27 twice to get there. (See pedestrian with shopping bag in photo 580.)

At the entrance to Building 19 and the 9-27 Shopping Center there is a pedestrian-actuated crossing signal and a crosswalk. However, the east side curb has no handicap ramp access (photo 591).

The Natick Shell advertising signs obscure the Rutledge Road and Wilson School signs.  Could the signpost be move 2 feet closer to Rte 27 (photo 597)?

The section of Rte 27 from Building 19 to the Wayland town line has sidewalks on both sides of the street for the entire length and curbs on the east side for most (all?) of the entire length.  However, there does not appear to be a crosswalk across Pine Street.  This is a busy intersection and near the Dairy Queen and several convenience stores, as well as the stores at Cochituate Village (photo 607) and the Snake Brook Trail (photo 614).

Going South, just past the Wayland town line there is a confusing cluster of signs which should be sorted out (photos 612 & 616).

While there are curbs on the west side down to Evergreen Road, the section from Evergreen to Rte 9 has sections without curbs (photos 632 & 633).

Poison ivy: There is are two sections of the west side of Rte 27 which have significant poison ivy growths. One is across from Rutledge Road. The other is along the guardrail north of the Rte 9 bridge.  These should be addressed soon. Preferably before the July 4th parade (photo 594).  There may also be poison ivy on the west side of Rte 27 between Lake Street and Kansas Street, and north of Kansas Street to the first residence.

--Jill Miller <TheMillers *at*>

Natick Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee suggestions

(To Patrick Reffett, Director, Natick Community Development Department, in an e-mail dated  October 23, 2005)

Hi, Patrick:

Per our recent conversation, this evening's NPBAC meeting brainstormed for a wish list for reconstruction of Route 27 in Natick.

First of all, we all cheer your proposed prioritization of this overdue and regionally-supported project! Broken-up Route 27 is bad for car drivers and worse for bicyclists.

And here are our early recommendations for the project:

  1. Good, continuous sidewalks (w/root barriers) on both sides.
  2. Marked crosswalks for all side streets.
  3. Avoid large aprons (at gas stations, etc.)
  4. Good curbs on both sides.
  5. Full ADA compliance (wheelchair ramps, etc.)
  6. Bicycle-sensing for the signalized intersections (Kansas St., Bacon St., etc.)
  7. Improve landscaping where possible. (John Cunniffe? Steve Cosmos?)
  8. Install underground cables for fiber optics and underground utilities.
  9. And, of course, smooth (and less noisy; OGFC?) streets with good signage and proper lane striping for bicycle use.

BTW, during Saturday's heavy rain I noted a Route 27 storm sewer still popping its manhole cover, a little north of Kansas Street. The sewer still needs work (or possibly the elimination of illegal hookups). Such work should be coordinated with the road reconstruction.

I hope you find this list helpful. We look forward to working with you as this proposal progresses.


--Dick Miller <TheMillers *at*>

Chairman, Natick Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee