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Some fish/bicycle
clothing items

Cathy Schnaubelt models a fish jersey Cathy Schnaubelt-Rogers, founder of way cool bicyclists' clothing manufacturer Schnaubelt Shorts, models a jersey of her own design.


John S. Allen photo


T-shirt designed by artist Ray Troll, modeled by his friend Amy Moss

T-shirt designed by artist Ray Troll

Ray Troll photo



Fish-bicycle T-shirt at a charity ride on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Fish-on-bicycle for a good cause: T shirt promoting a charity ride for the Hospice of Cape Cod,  Massachusetts.
John S. Allen photo


Gary Fisher "Fish Mitt" cycling gloves. The back of the hang tag includes the advice: "If you want to swim with the sharks, Gary says keep your Fish Mitts on." But do the sharks need you?

The same advice appears in Spanish, but it is toned down in French: "Gary Fisher vous conseille de porter vos Fish Mitts si vous voulez jouer dans la cour des grands" ("...if you want to be a big shot"). In German, Gary just tells you to wear the gloves. Vielen dank, Gary!

fishmitt.jpg (32450 bytes)


If you want to swim with
the sharks, Primal
has the clothing for
you, having mutated
the feminist/absurdist image
of the fish/cyclist into one
of sophomoric rage/kitsch.
biteme.jpg (9231 bytes)forthehalibut.jpg (10375 bytes)
fishous.jpg (38246 bytes) A Nashbar mail-order catalog describes this Primal "Fishious Cycle" jersey: "Sid Fishious in his finest hour." Background: John Simon Ritchie, a.k.a. Sid Vicious, was a member of the wildly popular/depraved British punk band, the Sex Pistols, for a short while. He stabbed a female companion to death in 1978. He died in 1979, at age 21, of an overdose of heroin his own mother had bought for him.

Are we still having fun?

Primal Wear also chews away at the feminist
fish/bike image with the "Bad to the Bone"
T shirt
(right). The piranhas apparently do need
a bicycle, or at least they need the bicyclist.

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