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A reporter from Channel 5's Chronicle program interviews the Mayor, part 1. (Video, click on run button.) I have transcribed the conversation, as the background noise sometimes makes it hard to hear.

R: I don't wear Spandex, sir, do you?

[Laughter, from others]

R: When do you do your biking?

M: At 5 o'clock in the morning.

R: So no traffic or pedestrians then, right?

M: Well, there isn't any in the morning, and there's very few [out there (?)].

R: All kidding aside, isn't that one of the major issues for cyclists in the city, whacked-out motorists and pedestrians that don't care where they're going?

M: There is a problem with some of the drivers in our city, but we're going to work and create bike trails on some of the streets, not all of the streets in Boston, some of the wider streets, other cities have done it, why can't we co it in Boston. We will do it.

R: How big of an issue, do you have to curb irresponsible behavior by pedestrians and cars first, before we can really talk about opening up the city? Education of the driver actually will help us curb some of the accidents that people look at because of the way our cities are put together, you know, they're not cohesive, they're not connecting, and how we do it, it's a challenge for us, but we're going to get there. Other cities have done it, and I say Boston can do it, you never can say no.

R: Mm-hmm, even, even with our unique character?

M: We have unique character, but I have great faith in Nicole and the other folks who are working on this over the next several months, and sometime next spring, we'll enroll our first streets that we hope to designate as cyclist-sensitive streets.

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