General info:
ModelCanon PowerShot A590 IS
Basic shot info:
Focal Length23.2 mm; equivalent: 114 mm
Aperture ValueF5.5
White BalanceAuto white balance
FlashFlash did not fire, auto
Metering ModeMulti-segment
Shutter Speed Value1/1002 sec
ISO Speed Ratings200
Advanced shot info:
Exposure Bias Value0 EV
Exposure Time1/1000 sec
Exposure ModeAuto exposure
Max Aperture ValueF5.5
Exif-related info:
Exif Version2.20
Exif Image Width425 pixels
Exif Image Height533 pixels
Color SpacesRGB
CompressionJPEG (old-style)
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Centerline markers.
Markers along the centerline of Weston Street are relatively benign, as bicyclists are unlikely to ride on the centerline. But, though the roadway is only marked with two lanes, motorists in this segment tend to use it as if it had four. In comments on a retail/office project nearby that would require major highway construction, I have suggested that this segment be restriped with one lane downhill (toward the camera) and two lanes uphill where traffic must queue for the traffic signal at Cedarwood Avenue. That striping would allow a wide outside lane, shoulder or bike lane on each side. For any change in centerline position to happen now, the reflectors would have to be torn out and the slots filled.

Also, I question the durability of the markers where motor vehicles repeatedly roll over them, as shown in the photo. These markers appear more vulnerable than flush markers. There also is the likelihood of pavement damage due to expansion of ice in the slots.

Markers on the centerline extend all the way to Banks Square in Waltham, nearly a mile. The line of markers is interrupted at major cross streets, though not at minor ones. Weston Street is lined most of the the way on both sides by residences with driveways. At the Banks Square end, there are heavily-used driveways to a drug store and gas station. For all these reasons, motorists will drive over the markers.

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